Matchington Mansion – The Most Trending game ever!


Over 1 million players all around the world download Matchington Mansion. It is the best game, which is present for both Android and IOS users. Another main thing is that the size of the game is 37 MB and it is created by Firecraft Studios. In the game, there are various types of in-game currencies that are present. The in-game currency is useful to buy every basic thing in the game. So, it is very necessary for you to earn currency in a good amount.

Now, the main question is how you can earn in-game currency in Matchington Mansion? Well, there are various methods to earn currency like solving more puzzles, by connecting the game with Facebook and many more methods. Another main thing about the game are that players have to pay more attention to their gameplay; they have to solve more and more puzzles and many other things too.

Try to same moves

Well, it is the main thing, which the users have to understand properly. It means that players have to solve more numbers of puzzles and in fewer moves. The fewer moves you use for solving puzzles in Matchington Mansion, the easier you earn a good amount of in-game currency. Solving the puzzles in Matchington Mansion with fewer moves is the best method to earn currency and rewards in the game. Players can easily solve the puzzles in only a few moves by using the Matchington Mansion hack option easily.

Always make use of special tile

It is another man thing in the game players have to make sure that they are always making use of special tiles in Matchington Mansion. They can also use Matchington Mansion Hack to use the special tiles in Matchington Mansion. Another thing is players have to solve the puzzles in the game by making the special tiles in t shape. So, you can easily do anything in the game by using the hack option.