Guide to Currencies in Legacy of Discords

Guide to Currencies in Legacy of Discords

Legacy of discords is one of the most famous games when it comes to ARPG platform. ARPG platform is mainly a subpart of Role-playing games (RPG) and ‘A’ stands for Action. If you’re new to such games then you’ll need some basic guidance in these types of games and if you follow out mentioned tips and tricks then you can master this game easily. This game is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Developed by GT arcade, a great publisher of RPG games and most of these developer’s games are famous.

In order to play this game and make it easy for all of you guys, we’ve come up with few tips and tricks for you guys and these will help you a lot. Before that, you should know about this game then let me tell you. This game is all about combat and there are currencies which will help in progression. So let’s get started –


There are two currencies offered by GT arcade, Gold, and Diamond. Gold is primary currency whereas Diamond is premium currency and too hard to earn but you can get Legacy Of Discord Cheats.

Gold – This is very easy to earn and that’s why this is the primary currency of this game. It doesn’t mean that if this is easy to earn then you can play this game easily but earning them takes time and you’ve taken part in lots of quests and complete many missions. There are numerous quest and events to play also and both of these are pretty easy which gives a decent output.

Diamond – These are premium currency in Legacy of discords and you’ve to play real hard and work everything off in order to earn these. You can even use this to convert it to gold and this is what makes this a premium currency. These can also let you buy some great equipment.

At last, if you don’t want yourself going down or you don’t want yourself ending up deleting this game out of frustration then you’ve to keep going and earn a lot of these currencies. There are many easy ways that are available in the game which lets you earn a lot of stuff like these. Try to take part in quests and complete numerous missions for free currency.

Bottom Line

I hope you like this guide. This is all that you need to know about currencies. Stay tuned for more such stuff in fb page.