Barbarq – game of learn the art to survive


Barbarq game is battle royale kinds of game where you as a player and your enemies combat to kill each other to be the best player of the Barabrq game. It is called most addictive and innovative game of pixel art retro style game. You can also say it as combo of MOBA and IO games.

You have to gain a skill in the game as you level yourself up but you can obtain maximum 5 skills. The skills of the game are permanent type in the game, so try to pick and learn very useful skills and player if new to the game of Barbarq, and then Barbarq Hack is there for the player to obtain skills of the game.

Role of mushroom

The game barbarq has mushroom in the game which helps the player to enhance the level or level up. Having mushroom enables the player to experience and to level up as well as pick up new skill with the progression of the game. By eating mushroom player of the game becomes bigger in size and also acquire new abilities that help the player to stave off the competition. With this player become more barbarians that are doing nothing but to kill and beat other senselessly and eat mushroom.

Other feature – there are other items in the game to be used by the player of Barbarq such as honey, meat, picked up including bombs and mushroom as well as other items.

BBQ Studio – player can use BBQ Studio with Barbarq Hack to customize his own map.

Modes of Barbarq – in the game of barbarq there are plenty of modes are to be enjoyed by the player and player can switch to any mode of the game whenever he wishes. There are 3 vs 3 vs 3 and 2 vs 2 vs 2 game mode with Team Fights, Pet Adventure, Idle Mode as and solo modes.